Hike North Idaho

White Mountain Summit

August 19, 2015

Author: Don Otis

White Mountain on the border of California and Nevada is 14,252'. It has the highest research station in the U.S. -- the Barcroft Station. The climb starts high and stays high (12,000'). The trail is an easy class 1 walk covering 14 miles all above timberline. The views are terrific on a clear day. The drive from Bishop, CA is a grinder but does not require 4WD. Ken Emerson and I did the peak in July 2015 as a warm up and to acclimatize before heading into the Sierras which are easily seen to the west. We reached the summit with a mixture of open views and spitting snow. The next day the summit was cloaked in white down a 1,000' This is a terrific entry-level 14,000' peak that anyone with good conditioning can do. Stop by the bristlecone forest on the way.

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