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Trout Peak U-3

May 8, 2015

Elevation: 7,535’
Rank: 8
Coordinates: 48.823N, 116.607W
Trailhead: Big Fisher Lake Trail, No. 41 Trailhead elevation 5,410’ (not sure)
Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

East Ridge
Class 1
6.5 miles RT, 2125’ elevation gain

This is the easiest route up Trout Peak (U-3). The hike into Trout Lake is 3 miles. You do not go all the way to the lake to catch this ridge. The drop into the lake is about 200-300’ and the views are spectacular. Nevertheless, if your goal is the top, hit the most prominent ridge about a half mile from the lake. If you start heading down, you are too low. There is a steep granite cliff that’s easily visible just as you start descending into the lake. You avoid this but heading up the slopes just before you drop into the lake basin.

Leave the trail and head immediately to the west and stay close to the ridgeline to the north. You will know if you are close because the higher you ascend the more you sense the exposure off to your right. This is good terrain for ascending because eventually you will reach granite slabs up higher. This is the easiest ground. Otherwise, you will find yourself in more forested areas. The route has a few cairns but the main point is to stay right.

Once you reach the summit there’s a cairn there. This is the east summit. You can look directly down on Trout Lake from here. There is a second summit about 150 yards to the west. It is the same elevation. The views off the west summit are stunning. From the top, it drops straight down. The views to the west are of the Long Mountain ridge.

To exit Trout Peak you can go southeast down the alternative route.

East Slopes
6.25 miles, 2125’ elevation

It is possible to climb Trout Peak from the east well before you reach the East Ridge route. It may be a better descent route but it also serves as an alternative way up the peak. Once you turn off of Trail 13 to Trail 41 (this is well marked with a sign) there is a wooden footbridge. Count this as number 1. There are several tributaries that come off the east side of the mountain. When you reach the third footbridge, turn up (west). Follow the side of this creek (very mossy) as far as it will go and begin to angle to the north (right) as you ascend. These are steep slopes once you leave the trail but in time they become less steep and open up. The forest is not as thick as you get higher.

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