Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Hunt Peak

23 Dec , 2014  

Elevation 7,058’ Rank 29 Coordinates 48.559N 116.700W Trailhead Fault Lake No. 59 Trailhead elevation 3,200’ Estimated time 3-4 hours to Fault Lake, 2 to summit Southeast Ridge Class 3 From Fault Lake Trailhead 16.0 mi RT — 3858’ gain From Fault Lake 3.0 mi RT – 1078’ gain The hike in to Fault Lake is […]

Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Harrison Peak

23 Dec , 2014   Gallery

Elevation: 7,292’ Rank: 16 Coordinates: 48.688N 116.660W Trailhead: Harrison Lake No. 217 Trailhead elevation: 4,746’ Estimated time: 1-2 hours to Harrison Lake, 11⁄2-2 to summit Northeast Face Route From Harrison Lake Trailhead 9.6 mi RT — 2546’ gain class 2 From Harrison Lake 3.0 mi RT – 1110’ gain Harrison Peak is one of the […]

Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Beehive Peak

23 Dec , 2014  

Elevation: 7,540’ From Beehive Lake Trailhead 11.6 miles RT — 3090’ gain class 2+ From Beehive Lake 2.6 miles RT – 1083’ gain This is the peak directly to the right as you come to the end of the trail at Beehive Lake. There is a prominent ridge that connects the two peaks. The drop-off […]

Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Twin Peak South

23 Dec , 2014  

From Beehive Lake Trailhead 13.6 miles RT – 3,457’ gain class 2+ (if ascending the North Twin) From Beehive Lake 4.6 miles RT Elevation: 7,560’ +/- Rank: unranked Coordinates: Trailhead: Beehive Lake No. 279 Trailhead elevation: 4,450’ Estimated time: 2-3 hours to Beehive, 2-21⁄2 to summit Follow the east face route description for the North […]

Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Twin Peak North

23 Dec , 2014  

Elevation 7,607’ Rank 5 Coordinates 48.651N 116.665W Trailhead Beehive Lake No. 279 Trailhead elevation 4,450’ Estimated time 2-3 hours to Beehive, 11⁄2-2 to summit East Face Route From Beehive Lake Trailhead 10.5 mi RT — 3157’ gain class 2+ From Beehive Lake 1.5 mi RT – 1150’ gain Description The north twin is the higher […]

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Mickinnick Trail

23 Dec , 2014  

Nestled on the North end of Sandpoint, the Mickinnick Trailhead is just off Woodland Drive. Take Highway 95 North and turn left toward Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Woodland Drive is a quarter mile past the railroad tracks. Turn left and cross the small bridge over Sand Creek. Follow the dirt road half a mile. This leads […]

Selkirk Range Hikes, Trip Report

Silver Dollar Peak Finale

18 Oct , 2014   Gallery

All good things must come to an end and this year has been terrific. Yesterday was my last hike/climb for the year here in the U.S. Selkirks. The weather was near perfect. I have attached a few photos from the hike up Silver Dollar Peak here – the 13th unique peak we have done the […]

Family Hikes, Selkirk Range Hikes, Trail Description

Roman Nose Peak

5 Oct , 2014   Gallery

Elevation: 7,260’ Rank: 20 Coordinates: 48.628N, 116.593W Trailhead: Roman Nose Lake Trail, No. 165 Trailhead elevation 5,900’ Estimated time: 2.5 – 3 hours West Couloir 3.5 miles, 1,360’ elevation gain Class 2 Roman Nose Lakes are some of the most beautiful and easy to access lakes in the region. The trailhead starts at the lower […]

Selkirk Range Hikes

Twin Peaks

2 Sep , 2014  

Twin peaks were hiked Sat. August 23rd 2014 with Don Otis and Ken Emmerson. We started from the Beehive Lake trailhead and went all the way to the lake. From the East end of the lake we headed North to the top of the ridge that separates Little Harrison Lake from Beehive Lake. We followed […]

Blacktail Lake Trestle Creek

Trail Description, Trip Report

Moose Mountain Loop Trail Ride

1 Sep , 2014  

The Moose Mountain Loop Trail is an approximately 9 mile, round trip trail that takes you past two great mountain lakes.  This is a great horseback ride or hike. I rode this trail with my parents; Roley and Janice Schoonover, my brother and sister-in-law; Isaac and Libby Schoonover, and my two kids; Emily (4) and […]