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Blue Mountain (Schweitzer)

Author: Don Otis Schweitzer Mountain resort is a good place to start a hike in the southern Selkirks. Park at the lot near the village, pass the tennis courts and look for the TH just to the left of the quad (at about 4600'). Follow the well established trail that zigzags past a stream and […]

Mt. Adams

Author: Don Otis 12,236' Mt. Adams is the second largest peak in the Northwest behind Mt. Rainier. Although it is not a technical peak it is 6800' of vertical gain from the trailhead. Landon Otis, Jeff Beeman, Ken Emerson, and I reached the summit on a near perfect May 2 day with clear skies. The […]

Shepherd Pass Trail - Sierras

Author: Don Otis The Shepherd Pass Trail on the eastern escarpment of California's Sierra Nevada is not for the faint of heart. The trail winds through three climatic zones off the desert floor at 6,500' and up to Shepherd Pass at 12,000' in the alpine zone. Ken Emerson and I made our way up the […]

White Mountain Summit

Author: Don Otis White Mountain on the border of California and Nevada is 14,252'. It has the highest research station in the U.S. -- the Barcroft Station. The climb starts high and stays high (12,000'). The trail is an easy class 1 walk covering 14 miles all above timberline. The views are terrific on a […]

Mt. Sill - Sierras

Author: Don Otis Mt. Sill is in the eastern Sierras near Big Pine on the North and South Forth trailheads. It is 14,162' one of the 12 ranked 14,000' peaks in California. I headed up Fathers Day Weekend in 2015 making easy time. We reached the Palisade glacier and began to traverse it to the […]

Star Peak

Star Peak is a mere 6,167’ but a whopping 4,000’ vertical from the start of the #998 trailhead. This is an easy one to reach – just off highway 2 before you get to Big Eddy Campground just outside of Heron, Montana. The Friends of Scotchman’s Peaks Wilderness (see ScotchmanPeaks.org) had eight hikers, all who […]

Silver Dollar Peak

Elevation: 7,181’ Rank: 22 Coordinates: 48.612N, 116.594W Trailhead: Chimney Rock Trail, No. 256 Trailhead elevation 4,020’ Estimated Time: 4 - 5 hours up, 3 - 4 down Southeast Ridge Class 1 5.25 miles, 3,161’ elevation gain Start the climb by parking at the Chimney Rock Trailhead. Cross the bridge and head south along the hillside […]

Long Mountain

Elevation: 7,265’ Rank: 19 Coordinates: 48.834N, 116.616W Trailhead: Pyramid Pass Trail, No. 13 Trailhead elevation 5,410’ (not sure) Estimated Time: 2.5 - 3 hours South Ridge Class 1 5.75 miles, 1,855’ elevation gain (2,495’ net) The simplest way to reach the summit of Long Mountain is by taking the Pyramid Pass Trail. The hike to […]

Selkirk Mountain U-1

Elevation: 7,709 Rank: 1 Coordinates:48.847N, 116.554W Trailhead: Big Fisher Lake Trail, No. 41 Trailhead elevation 5,410’ Estimated Time: 3 - 4.5 hours South Slopes Class 1 5.75 miles, 2,299’ elevation gain (2,799’ net) The highest peak in the U.S. Selkirks is at best, unassuming, not terribly interesting, and somewhat uninspiring. Unlike the impressive granite peaks […]

Fisher Lake Cirque U-4

Elevation: 7,530’ Rank: 9 Coordinates: 48.837N, 116.569W Trailhead: Big Fisher Lake Trail, No. 41 Trailhead elevation 5,410’ (not sure) Estimated Time: 2.5 - 3 hours South Ridge Class 1 4.75 miles, 2120’ elevation gain (2,320’ net) This is similar to Myrtle Peak in that the trail simply passes close to a high point in route […]

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