Hike North Idaho

Mt. Roothaan

October 17, 2015

Mt. Roothaan is 7,326' and sits just half a mile south of Chimney Rock and is about 200' higher. The vantage point offers the best view of Chimney Rock of any 7,000' footers on the crest. I left the trailhead on the Pack River side late - Noon. The trail starts painfully slow and gains just 300' in the first 2 miles (you can take a mountain bike on this section). The Chimney Rock Trailhead 256 is easy access and the trail easy to follow. It's 12 miles RT to the base of Chimney Rock on the east side. I did Mt. Roothaan which is just more than 3300' of gain. I wore shirtsleeves the entire way -- for mid October! The time to the summit was 3 hours and coming off just more than 2. Expect a bit more. Once you are in the granite -- and there's plenty up high -- the hike and views are more interesting. If you do Roothaan from this side take the trail to within a quarter of a mile of Chimney and head directly south (left) up and over a small saddle. Once you reach this saddle you can't miss the peak. The upper section is class 2 before you wrap around to the gentle west side.

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