Hike North Idaho

Middle Teton, Wyoming

August 23, 2015

Author: Don Otis

The Middle Teton is 12,804' and offers some of the best views of any Teton peak. Jeff Beeman, Landon Otis, and Don Otis set out early in September 2014 from the Lupine Meadows TH and into Garnet Canyon. The trail into the canyon is easy and the views good into the valley to the east. Once inside the canyon things open up and the big peaks come into view with the Middle directly ahead. The scramble up huge blocks, scree, and talus to the upper saddle is not easy. There are no shortcuts. We stayed to the right and traversed as high as possible along the southern cliffs of the Middle. Once we reached the saddle the views were spectacular. We turned directly north and heading into the couloir that leads to the summit -- a class 3 scramble that requires some caution. If you do it in a day, expect it to be a long one of 12-16 hours depending on how quickly you navigate the terrain above Garnet Canyon.

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