Hike North Idaho

Long Lake & Long’s Peak

July 14, 2018

Idaho Selkirks

The trip to the trailhead for Long Lake means a bit of a drive from Sandpoint since it is beyond the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge outside of Bonners Ferry. Once you reach the trailhead, the hike is fairly easy up and over Pyramid Pass and along ridgeline hugging Long Canyon. Landon (Otis) and my wife, Cathy, did the 10 mile roundtrip to the top of Long’s Peak and down to the lake in July. There is a bit of bushwhacking at the lake but nothing too difficult. This is a perfect overnight spot. The views from Long’s Peak at 7,265’ is excellent in all directions. The tough part is determining which hump is actually Long’s Peak! As you hike the high trail you will be over 7,000’ most of the time. If you continue on the ridgeline you will eventually come to Parker Peak but that is a very long day from the Pyramid Pass side (about 18-20 miles).

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