View from Harrison Peak

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Harrison Peak

20 Oct , 2018  

Idaho Selkirks

Harrison Peak is an easy approach once you get to the end of Upper Pack River Road which can take about 30-40 minutes after you turn off Highway 95. It is the last trailhead on the road with plenty of good parking and a pit toilet (in case you needed to know).

The trail to Harrison Lake is a mild grade over just less than 2.5 miles and about 1,500’ of vertical. The Holy Grail is to bag Harrison Peak which has no easy route to the top. When I arrived at the lake in the first week of October the weather looked good. I made my way around the lake to the Northeast and up a gentle ill-defined trail along the ridge. My goal was to find the easiest route around the peak and up some class 3 slopes. Little did I realize from below that snow was deeper than I expected and ice was running down the granite ledges.

I made my way as far north as possible before the face dropped off and worked my way up to the edge that runs to the summit at 7,292’. I will admit that it was a bit unnerving in the conditions but the views from the top are hard to beat anywhere in North Idaho.

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