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Cedar Lakes Trail

Trail 141, 2888’ Summit Elevations: Dome Peak 7,560’, Scenery Mountain 6,875’ Grambauer Mountain 7,377’ The trailhead starts just west of Libby, Montana on Cedar Creek Road 402 and heads south for three miles to a well marked trailhead. We found this is shady early in the season and snow lingers. The trail is easy to […]

Scotchman's Peak (Winter)

Trailhead: 3,300’ Summit: 7,009’ Vertical: 3,709’ Mileage: 7.0 Finding the trailhead is a bit of a challenge. Drive to the town of Clark Fork and then turn north by the Chevron station (Main Street) and pass the high school. The road goes through a residential area before it turns right at about a mile. Do […]

Myrtle Peak

Elevation: 7,122’ Rank: 26 Coordinates: 48.749N 116.643W Trailhead: Myrtle Peak Trail No. 286 Trailhead elevation: 5,000’ Estimated time: 11⁄2 - 2 hours to Myrtle Peak, 21⁄2-3 to Myrtle Lake Southeast Ridge From Myrtle Peak Trailhead 6.0 mi RT – 2,122’ gain class 1 Myrtle Lake 3.0 mi RT from summit of Myrtle Peak– 1,100’ The […]

Hunt Peak

Elevation 7,058’ Rank 29 Coordinates 48.559N 116.700W Trailhead Fault Lake No. 59 Trailhead elevation 3,200’ Estimated time 3-4 hours to Fault Lake, 2 to summit Southeast Ridge Class 3 From Fault Lake Trailhead 16.0 mi RT -- 3858’ gain From Fault Lake 3.0 mi RT - 1078’ gain The hike in to Fault Lake is […]

Harrison Peak

Elevation: 7,292’ Rank: 16 Coordinates: 48.688N 116.660W Trailhead: Harrison Lake No. 217 Trailhead elevation: 4,746’ Estimated time: 1-2 hours to Harrison Lake, 11⁄2-2 to summit Northeast Face Route From Harrison Lake Trailhead 9.6 mi RT -- 2546’ gain class 2 From Harrison Lake 3.0 mi RT - 1110’ gain Harrison Peak is one of the […]

Beehive Peak

Elevation: 7,540’ From Beehive Lake Trailhead 11.6 miles RT -- 3090’ gain class 2+ From Beehive Lake 2.6 miles RT - 1083’ gain This is the peak directly to the right as you come to the end of the trail at Beehive Lake. There is a prominent ridge that connects the two peaks. The drop-off […]

Twin Peak South

From Beehive Lake Trailhead 13.6 miles RT – 3,457’ gain class 2+ (if ascending the North Twin) From Beehive Lake 4.6 miles RT Elevation: 7,560’ +/- Rank: unranked Coordinates: Trailhead: Beehive Lake No. 279 Trailhead elevation: 4,450’ Estimated time: 2-3 hours to Beehive, 2-21⁄2 to summit Follow the east face route description for the North […]

Twin Peak North

Elevation 7,607’ Rank 5 Coordinates 48.651N 116.665W Trailhead Beehive Lake No. 279 Trailhead elevation 4,450’ Estimated time 2-3 hours to Beehive, 11⁄2-2 to summit East Face Route From Beehive Lake Trailhead 10.5 mi RT -- 3157’ gain class 2+ From Beehive Lake 1.5 mi RT - 1150’ gain Description The north twin is the higher […]

Roman Nose Peak

Elevation: 7,260’ Rank: 20 Coordinates: 48.628N, 116.593W Trailhead: Roman Nose Lake Trail, No. 165 Trailhead elevation 5,900’ Estimated time: 2.5 - 3 hours West Couloir 3.5 miles, 1,360’ elevation gain Class 2 Roman Nose Lakes are some of the most beautiful and easy to access lakes in the region. The trailhead starts at the lower […]

Moose Mountain Loop Trail Ride

The Moose Mountain Loop Trail is an approximately 9 mile, round trip trail that takes you past two great mountain lakes.  This is a great horseback ride or hike. I rode this trail with my parents; Roley and Janice Schoonover, my brother and sister-in-law; Isaac and Libby Schoonover, and my two kids; Emily (4) and […]

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