goat mt from ridge

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Goat Mountain

9 Apr , 2016  

Three of us set off for Goat Mountain just outside of the small town of Clark Fork, Idaho. It was a perfect morning as Landon Otis, Cathy Schuller, and Don Otis set out after fueling up at Starbucks. We left the trailhead at 8:15 and started up the relentless ridge, losing the trail a couple […]

scotchmans peak

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Scotchman’s Peak

26 Feb , 2016  

February 26, 2016 Scotchman’s is the highest peak in the Idaho portion of the Cabinet Mountains. Thanks to the fine work of Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness (see www.scotchmanpeaks.org) the lower section of the trail has been rerouted to make for an easier ascent from the trailhead. Trail #65 is the starting point of the […]

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Star Peak

3 Jan , 2016  

On January 3 four of us set out to climb the south ridge of Star Peak in Montana’s Cabinet Mountains. What we thought was going to be a cold but sunny day turned out to be spitting snow and poor visibility on the summit. Star is one of a handful of peaks in the area […]

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Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Star Peak

16 May , 2015  

Star Peak is a mere 6,167’ but a whopping 4,000’ vertical from the start of the #998 trailhead. This is an easy one to reach – just off highway 2 before you get to Big Eddy Campground just outside of Heron, Montana. The Friends of Scotchman’s Peaks Wilderness (see ScotchmanPeaks.org) had eight hikers, all who […]

Scotchman's Spring Featured

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Scotchman’s Peak – Spring

12 Apr , 2015   Gallery

The high point in Idaho’s Cabinet Mountains is just outside of Clark Fork (see previous descriptions to the trailhead). The mid April ascent was a mixture of cold weather, blowing clouds, and icy conditions on the summit ridge. We used crampons and ice axes for the final 500’ of elevation. There is new snow but […]

Goat Mountain Idaho Summit

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trail Description

Goat Mountain Trail

30 Mar , 2015  

Trail: 44 Trailhead: 3,141’ Summit: 6,641’ Distance: 4.5 miles Trail condition: Excellent There are several peaks in the Cabinet Mountains of North Idaho named “Goat.” This Goat Mountain is not to be confused with Goat Mountain directly to the west of Scotchman’s Peak. Drive to Bonners Ferry and proceed north to Threemile Corner (Highway 2) […]

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Scotchman’s Peak – Winter

22 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Elevation: 7,009’ The highest peak in North Idaho is well worth the effort – even in early spring. The road into the trailhead was passable without 4WD. From Clark Fork, Trailhead 65 is 6.2 miles. The last section of the road (2.2 miles) is the muddiest. An early start is always best but Scotchman’s can […]

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trail Description

Cedar Lakes Trail

7 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Trail 141, 2888’ Summit Elevations: Dome Peak 7,560’, Scenery Mountain 6,875’ Grambauer Mountain 7,377’ The trailhead starts just west of Libby, Montana on Cedar Creek Road 402 and heads south for three miles to a well marked trailhead. We found this is shady early in the season and snow lingers. The trail is easy to […]

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trail Description

Scotchman’s Peak (Winter)

22 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Trailhead: 3,300’ Summit: 7,009’ Vertical: 3,709’ Mileage: 7.0 Finding the trailhead is a bit of a challenge. Drive to the town of Clark Fork and then turn north by the Chevron station (Main Street) and pass the high school. The road goes through a residential area before it turns right at about a mile. Do […]

Cabinet Range Hikes, Trip Report

Goat Mountain (Winter)

16 Feb , 2015   Gallery

The last day of January in North Idaho is not the time of the year one expects to be hiking high into the Cabinet Mountains near Montana. In spite of a less-than-stellar forecast we set out for the Scotchman’s Peak trailhead. We managed to get within several miles before getting two Jeeps stuck in the […]